Monday, July 29, 2013

The End and The Beginning

In a few weeks school will be starting again and of course if you ask any teenager they will say they are not ready. I'm not ready but I have been thinking about it. Last year I set goals for myself. My goals were to not be so sensitive, to be myself, and to try my best. This year I have some more goals and wishes. I told my mom what they were and those wishes are still there but my main wish is to go big for my daddy. It's hard to believe that he wont be here for my last year of middle school. I can hear him now saying, my little girl is growing up. Why can you just stay little and never leave me. I am going to miss his advice and his comforting words. I am going to miss him not being here for the end of my middle school years. I have thought about him but I have also thought of the ending of great things and the beginning of greater things. For me, it will be my last year in junior high and for some it will be the beginning. Some of my closest friends are Seniors and they will be saying goodbye to high school. It's hard to imagine how much we can grow up in such little time. This year will be a year of endings and beginnings for some people. Even though it will be hard saying goodbye or hello, everything will be okay. My goal for this year is to go big for daddy.. A better way to put is I am going to Live Large. Hello and goodbye.

                                                                   The End.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stop Wishing and Start Living 

Have you ever known someone who always wished for things they wish they had instead of realizing what they actually have? It bothers me when people are so consumed in wishing on what they want and on things they think they need. Take a minute and realize what you do have. Everyone has known someone who wishes to be like someone else or wishes to change themselves. You are you for a reason. Stop wishing to be someone else and start loving yourself for who you are. It just really gets under my skin when some people don't realize what they have because they has this fantasy on what they wish they had. You can take what you have and make it to what you want. Why spend all your time wishing? Wishing used to be fun. Wishing on a star or when the clock turned 11:11. Wishing for a new toy or to see someone special. Now it feels all everyone does is wish on the littles things that are right in front of their faces. To me I want to stop wishing on what I want or what I want to change  and even on who I wish I can be. I am going to start living. Maybe this is only how I feel and maybe you might not understand but I have seen and heard people just wishing on what they don't have. Are you going to start living? 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fulfilling Your Legacy

Legacy; anything handed down from the past,as from an ancestor or predecessor.

Legacy has been a very important word to me lately. Through all that my family and I have been through legacy is something that I can't get away from. My dad has left this incredible legacy for me. I was never really open to it or thought about before he passed away. I didn't really want to become a minister or even be in the ministry. I always thought to myself, "Oh, that's not for me. I want to do something more..something different." Now, I'm open to new things, to this amazing legacy. Writing, preaching, and reaching the world. I know for a fact that I will not walk away from this legacy. I will fulfill it and I will make my daddy proud. Not only the legacy my dad has left for but the legacy God has planned for me. I am going the fulfill the legacys my father's have left for me. Do you have a legacy? What is it? And are you going to fulfill it? 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break!

I am so happy spring break is here! Tomorrow I will be laying on the beach with friends. I remember spring break last year. Me and my family packed up to go to the beach. We brought lawn chairs, blankets, and everything you bring to the beach. My dad brought a book. He sat slouching in the chair reading his book. Being us girls we wanted to stay all day. We didn't realize how fried we were getting and neither did my dad. By the end  of the day he got up and noticed that he had stripes across his stomach. White, red, white, red. Talk about an embarrassing tan. So while I'm laying on the beach I will also being thinking of my dad and his stripes. A tip, never sit slouched at the beach. You will have tan lines where your creases are. Happy spring everyone!! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Itch 

For awhile now I have had this itch to write. This urge to blog. Something that I have been wanting to do but put it off. I'm finally doing it. I feel great about it and I have great motivation. My father wrote and he blogged. He was incredible at both. He was very talented and he wrote how he felt. If he had a thought he would write it down, if he needed to vent he wrote it down, and if God gave him a word that he could not forget he wrote it down. I want to be that way. I want to inspire people with my words and with my blog. My blog will be simply that..mine. It's a place where I can write about how I feel and what went on in my day. Almost like an online journal.

 I remember a time where my dad had taken a break from blogging and writing. Everyone begged him to start writing again. The next thing I know his is writing a book. A book that many people love. His goal was not to make money or to sell many copies but to minister to people all over the world. His writing inspired many and touched their hearts. He had an itch to write. My mother would get aggervated because that is all he would do. It paid off. He had many talents and writing surely was one of them. I want to have this talent. I want to inspire and touch the hearts of many people all over the world. I want to keep his legacy. My dad passed on the itch and I will so gladly keep it.