Saturday, August 30, 2014

What is the life God wants for you?

God wants me to have a life full of Him. He wants me to follow Him wherever He takes me. He wants me to trust Him and do great things. God wants me to be in His image and to fulfill the plan He has for me. God wants me to have a happy and successful life.

I try my best in all that I do. I try my best to work hard and trust in God. I do my best to listen to Him and follow His plan but I do not do it alone. Three positive influences in my life would be my dad, my mom, and my youth pastor. My dad is not physically here to encourage me but he still inspires me to always go after God and what I want. My dad left a legacy for me and I'm going to do my best to fulfill it. My mom is always there to lift me up and set an amazing example. She is a wonderful woman of God that I learn from everyday. She has taught me to always listen to God, whether or not you want to hear what He has to say. My youth pastor is always there to support me. He always has my back and encourages me to never stop what I am doing. I could not ask for better influences in my life.

Overall, I plan to live the life God has for me. To never give up, to be happy, and successful with everything I do. I will always try my best to be like Him and trust in Him. I am forver thankful for the plan He has for me and the people He put in my life.