Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What are you listening to?

"Actions speak louder than words." You have to prove what you say by what you do. It's more believable to see someone living for Christ then to hear that someone is living for Christ. My opinion is that although many people say this quote and swear they live by it, they really don't. Isn't funny, how when someone's actions speak louder than their words we still don't listen? Why do we cling to words, and disregard actions? Aren't actions what really matter here? Anyone can say they're going to do something, anyone can say that they mean something, but what do they do to prove it? Are they showing you positive actions to assure you of their words, or are they disproving everything you have been believing? I am guilty of holding on to other's words, and letting their actions pass by me without any notice. Two reasons, their words are what I want to hear, and their actions are not what I want to see nor believe. I question myself and everyone else who lives by this quote. What are we doing? When did actions become words, and words become actions? How strong would our faith be if God only said things to us instead of showing us. Would you believe in God's love, forgiveness, grace if he did nothing to show for it? Actions do speak louder than words. I think it's time we start listening to what really matters.