Monday, June 13, 2016

Slow down

As a new driver I'm starting to learn new things, and I'm beginning to be more comfortable behind the wheel. I am more confident and I am bolder with the decisions I make while driving. One of my biggest battles I face while driving is the yellow light. I think to myself should I go for it, or should I stop? The other day while driving through a yellow light I had a thought. Isn't it funny how the yellow light means to slow down and to be cautious but most of the time we do the exact opposite. Instead of coming to a complete stop if possible we speed up in order to beat the red light we know is coming. Then I had another thought.. How many times do we do that in our spirit life? How many times does God gives us a yellow light and tells us to slow down but instead we speed up and rush into things?  There have been many times in my life that I have not waited on God. I ignored his yellow light that is telling me to slow down and to trust him. I always feel that I have it under control until I realize I rushed into something God was trying to protect me from.  God is simply warning us and  encouraging us to slow down. Faith in God includes faith in his timing. God's timing is always the right timing. I don't want to ignore the yellow lights God places in my life, I want to be obedient, and I want to trust in him. Just a thought!