Saturday, January 21, 2017


At the beginning of the year most people make New Year resolutions, you know things they swear to do or to work on but it never really happens. While others choose one word to focus on throughout the year. Personally, I like that better. It doesn't demand attention or a strong commitment. You don't have to swear you're going to change or that this one thing is going to happen, but it's an idea and an encouragement to yourself. Here's what you need to focus on this year.. that seems simple enough, right?

At the beginning of the year I didn't have a word. It wasn't that I couldn't think of one but the exact opposite problem. I thought of too many, there is so many words I can relate to. There's so many things I personally need to work on and grow on, so it was hard for me to pick just one to really focus on. So here we are a few weeks in and I have finally picked a word.

Define. You may ask, define what? What does that mean? This year I want to focus on defining myself. I am not perfect, I do make mistakes, I do let God down, I do let myself down, and I do let others down. But one thing I truly need to learn is that my mistakes don't define me. I am not going to let my past direct my future. I am not going to let my mistakes define who I am. What is important to me is that I define myself and who I am in Christ then let God deal with the rest. This year is about letting God have his way, and giving him complete control over my life. This year is about finally seeing who I am in this world, God's Kingdom. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year has in store.