Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stop Wishing and Start Living 

Have you ever known someone who always wished for things they wish they had instead of realizing what they actually have? It bothers me when people are so consumed in wishing on what they want and on things they think they need. Take a minute and realize what you do have. Everyone has known someone who wishes to be like someone else or wishes to change themselves. You are you for a reason. Stop wishing to be someone else and start loving yourself for who you are. It just really gets under my skin when some people don't realize what they have because they has this fantasy on what they wish they had. You can take what you have and make it to what you want. Why spend all your time wishing? Wishing used to be fun. Wishing on a star or when the clock turned 11:11. Wishing for a new toy or to see someone special. Now it feels all everyone does is wish on the littles things that are right in front of their faces. To me I want to stop wishing on what I want or what I want to change  and even on who I wish I can be. I am going to start living. Maybe this is only how I feel and maybe you might not understand but I have seen and heard people just wishing on what they don't have. Are you going to start living?